Western Cape

In our post of 5 June 2017, we showed pictures of NOVAPs that were installed in citrus orchards in Clanwilliam. Part of these NOVAPs were installed at young lemon trees that were planted in November 2016. We installed the NOVAPs on 16 March 2017. We have since returned to look specifically at root development and alien surface growth – it has now been 6 months since the installation.

A picture speaks a thousand words!

  1. In the first picture you will see that the NOVAP row on the right has far less alien surface growth compared to the surface drip rows on the left.
  2. Picture 2 shows that root development at the surface drip trees are high up, close to the soil surface.
  3. In the pictures showing the NOVAP units, healthy white roots can be seen at lower levels with strong anchoring roots going deep into the soil. We also found no roots growing into the. NOVAP units, but rather roots growing above it, with the bulk deeper underneath the NOVAP in the moist, cool sand.


More feedback on this and other installations to follow soon!