Western Cape

Ludwig Roses Summer Rose Care Workshop – Winelands

What a wonderful opportunity to be part of the Ludwig Roses Summer Rose Care Workshop in the Cape Winelands. It is always a pleasure to be associated with people with so much passion, love and knowledge in what they do. Roses are one of those plants that reward you with beautiful bloom and fragrance when you give it the care it needs. With NOVAP Irrigation that special care, at the root level, can be continued even in this very difficult time of water shortage in our province.

Example: If you have a 2500L rainwater tank, and 10 rose bushes, your schedule will be as follows:
Each rose bush will be irrigated with 2 x 2L/H drippers through the NOVAP. This will be done 3 times per week, so 12 litres of water per bush per week. On 10 rose bushes, you will use 120 litres of water per week. Your 2500L water tank will last you approximately 20 weeks (5 Months)!




More feedback on this and other installations to follow soon!