During July 2019 we installed Novaps at a Beaumont Macadamia orchard in the Nelspruit area. We converted existing 50l/h micro irrigation to 32l/h Novap irrigation – a total water saving of 36%. Due to blooming trees only 3ha out of the 5.5ha total was completed at that stage with the remainder to be completed in January 2020.

We returned to the site last week to monitor progress. The trees were in full bloom with Novap irrigation running for almost 4 weeks and new feeding roots were already visible between 350-600mm. The probe reading also confirmed that the plants already started absorbing most of its water at a depth of 400-600mm. At this depth, the weather fluctuations has minimal effect on the root system and water – 100% 0f the irrigated water is available to the plant. Furthermore, the 3ha and 2,5ha areas had to be irrigated separately in the past. With the new Novap system it can now be irrigated simultaneously, therefore saving 50% of electricity from day 1!