How it works

The NOVAP Deep Root Irrigation System is a compact, plastic unit that is attached to your existing dripper system and buried underground. Here it supplies a steady rate of water, right at the plants’ deep root system. By creating this artificial underground water table, 0% of water is lost due to evaporation. Furthermore, virtually all water can now be absorbed by the plants with a 50% water saving.

See the NOVAP installation video HERE   

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how to install

  1. Prepare a hole (250-500mm deep) next to your plant or shrub

  2. Firmly insert the included Ø12mm pipe into the NOVAP system and place the unit inside the hole

  3. Fill the hole with soil, allowing the top end of the pipe to remain uncovered. Compact slightly

  4. Insert the included elbow reducer into the pipe

  5. Finally, simply connect the reducer to your dripper system using the included connection tube

Reduced plant stress

The NOVAP Deep Root Irrigation System creates a constant water supply that significantly reduces plant stress and increases yield.

Lower Humidity

Underground irrigation results in lower humidity amongst trees and shrubs, thus decreasing possible diseases that commonly fester in humid climates.

Improved Pollination

Decreased humidity improve trees’ ability to pollinate other trees.

50% Less Water Usage

Underground irrigation effectively eliminates the evaporative effect of the sun’s energy. Using NOVAP irrigation, water can now be used more effectively with 0% lost due to evaporation.