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NOVAP (Pty) Ltd aims to make technological advancements to improve yield, decrease energy use and ultimately move towards a less destructive and more environmentally friendly approach to irrigation. Our first product in this industry is the NOVAP Deep Root Irrigation System, which not only decreases water usage, but also increase yields and minimizes the need for herbicides, pesticides and other chemical products. In the future we will explore the development of implements and other systems to improve general efficiency.

Whether you have a small garden with trees, shrubs and flowers or a commercial farm,

the NOVAP Deep Root Irrigation System’s applications and savings are limitless.

Install NOVAP irrigation at your home with a water tank to collect rain water

to create a self sustaining, cost effective solution to a beautiful garden.

50% less water usage

Water restrictions have become more common place in recent years, especially in South Africa. We are currently experiencing our worst drought in decades and farmers and residents alike have been forced to use up to 50% less water in certain areas. However, this is an opportunity that opens the door for innovation – a new technique to beat the drought and save 50% on water usage with 0% evaporation.

NOVAP – For Life !