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50% Water Saving

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100% Efficiency

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NOVAP Deep Root Irrigation has been a revelation to farmers throughout South Africa since its inception in 2017, rewriting what was thought possible. Our unique Deep Root Irrigation System, with it’s never-seen-before water saving abilities has been successfully implemented on multiple small and mega farms in the Western and Northern Cape, as well as Mpumalanga. Novap has even attracted the attention of world leaders in irrigation, Wageningen University & Research, OostNL and GGS in the Netherlands. Our results regarding water saving, crop yield and crop quality are simply undeniable.

Whether you have a small garden with trees, shrubs and flowers or a commercial farm,

the NOVAP Deep Root Irrigation System’s applications and savings are limitless.

Install NOVAP irrigation at your home with a water tank to collect rain water

to create a self sustaining, cost effective solution to a beautiful garden.

50% less water usage / improved yield

NOVAP irrigation eliminates 100% of any possible evaporation and supplies water at the plant’s deep root system, therefore using water extremely efficiently. This allows a user to save up to 50% on their water bill with improved results.

NOVAP – For Life !