Where can I buy the NOVAP Deep Root Irrigation System?

Kindly contact Ferdinand de Klerk directly on 082 711 3552, or contact us via email for more information.

Do I need training to install the NOVAP system?

No, installing a NOVAP Deep Root Irrigation System is a simple process. Complete installation instructions are provided on the back of our packaging as well as here.

Does the NOVAP system require any maintenance?

Once installed correctly, no maintenance is required.

When I buy a NOVAP system, do I require additional tubing?

NOVAP Deep Root Irrigation Systems are sold as complete units and no additional tubing is required. Each pack contains a NOVAP system, 350mm vertical pipe, connection tube, reducer and dripper, which are used to connect the unit to your existing dripper or micro irrigation system.

Which kind of plants can the NOVAP system be used for?

The NOVAP Deep Root Irrigation System can be used for all kinds of trees, shrubs and flowers.

Do I need to change my drip irrigation network to install the NOVAP system?

If you have an existing external irrigation system – no. However, if you have one of the following systems, kindly follow these simple steps

  • Existing internal dripper irrigation system : Dripper extenders are required (not included)
  • Existing micros irrigation system : Simply replace the micros spray head with the included dripper
What are the differences between irrigating small plants and large trees?

Due to the difference in root systems, trees require an increased water supply and deeper root irrigation (typically 4ℓ of water per hour at a depth of 300 mm), while smaller plants require less water at a reduced depth (typically 2ℓ of water per hour at a depth of 100 – 300 mm).

How many NOVAPs do I need per tree?

Rule of thumb: 1x NOVAP Deep Root Irrigation System per m² of canopy.

Can I use the NOVAP system for lawn?

No, the NOVAP system cannot be used for lawn.

What filtration system do I need?

The same filtration system that is required for standard drip irrigation is used for the NOVAP system.

Do I need any additional brackets?

No. NOVAP units are sold as a complete package, available in both residential and agricultural options.

How do I connect the NOVAP unit to a micro sprinkler or internal dripper irrigation system?

The NOVAP replaces the micro sprinkler system completely, but a dripper extender will be required for internal drippers.