Western Cape

We are super excited about our latest installation in the Franschhoek region. NOVAPs are being installed at 600 trees which include Yellowwood (Henkellii and Outeniqua), White Stink Wood, Wild Fig, Wild Olive, Water Berry, Forest Elder, Pecan Nut and Almond trees, to name but a few.

Each of these trees received (4x) 150mm x 150mm NOVAPs in a cross fromation at a depth of 300mm – 2x NOVAPs were installed 700mm and the other at 1400mm away from the tree.

The first batch of trees already had their first week of irrigation through the NOVAPs and today we dug a few inspection holes, approximately 300mm away from the NOVAPs.
Soil moisture was good from 150mm and deeper. Top 120mm was dry.

100% of irrigated water at root level!
No evaporation!
No water loss because of surface flow!

We will keep you updated


More feedback on this and other installations to follow soon!