Western Cape

During February and March of 2018 we installed NOVAPs at various citrus trees in the Citrusdal area, Western Cape. We went around to all the sites during May to open up the areas around the NOVAPs, specifically inspecting root development and moisture. Soil types varied from very sandy to rocky/loam with clay content. Orchard ages also varied from young trees, 2-3 year old, to a full bearing Autumn Gold orchard that was established in 2009. At the full bearing 9 year old Autumn Gold orchard we converted micro irrigation to NOVAP irrigation. The micro irrigation system was delivering 60L/hour/tree. We planted 4 NOVAPs around each tree, delivering 4L/hour each, totaling 16L/hour/tree. These trees are getting 70% less water/hour than the adjacent micro irrigated trees. Overall health of the NOVAP irrigated trees and fruit is as good as the rest of the orchard. Water management at deep root level at work!